www.aaeon.com Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice. BIO Board Design Service BIO Board Design Service The BIO interface, or board-to-board I/O interface, is AAEON’s latest innovation in product customization. The BIO board is designed with compactness in mind and is highly customizable for a plethora of add-on features such as MiniCards, USBs, COM, PoE (Power over Ethernet) ports, etc., for the perfect solution. While there are many approaches to which a product can be customized, AAEON recommends the BIO daughterboards, a series of daughterboards equipped with AAEON’s Board-to-board Interface for AAEON’s Standard Products. Simple in design and made-to-order, the board takes the time and effort out of customization by bypassing the traditional process of re- specifying, building, and testing. Just pick the features you want, build the board, connectit to the motherboard and your solution is ready. No fuss, no muss. Some key features include: ■ Universal screw holes on both the motherboard and daughterboard ■ Flexible to demands of vertical markets ■ Easy thermal and system assembly BIO Daughterboard BIO Interface BIO Motherboard BIO Standardized Pin Definition Customization Made Easy Fast Delivery for Expansions AAEON Single Board Ready in 2 weeks! Ready in 4 weeks! - Immediate availability - Simple expansion Standard Product - Easy custom specification - Co- & Self development - Secured domain knowledge Designed by Customer - Custom specification - Costs at least 70% less than a new project Designed by AAEON BIO Module