www.aaeon.com Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice. Dimension Unit: mm FWS-2251 • Power Adapter • FWS-2251 Packing List Optional Accessories Ordering Information Part Number CPU Memory Bypass Mini-Card Slot Storage LAN USB Console System Fan TPM Display Mounting Power FWS-2251E4-A10-A10-00 Intel® Celeron® J1900 DDR3L, SODIMM Dual-Channel — 1 half size, 1 full size with SIM, 1 full size with Dual-SIM (USB 2.0 signal only) CompactFlash™ socket x 1 4 USB 3.0 x 1 RJ-45 x 1 Fanless — — Desktop DC • 1700091805 Console Cable • 1702031802 Power Cord, 3P-250V/10A, 180D, 1.8M, USA, YP22/YP12 • 1702031803 Power Cord, 3P-250V/10A, 180D, 1.8M, VDE, YP22/YP12 • 170203180B Power Cord, 3P-250V/10A, 180D, 1.8M, China, YP-03/YC-12 • 170203180E Power Cord, 3P-125V/7A, 1.8M, PSE, YP12/YC-12 • 1704150154 VGA Cable for Debug Only