4 www.aaeon.com Field Service Field Service One of the tasks that benefit greatly from the advent of mobile computing and telecommunication technologies is field inspection, a nearly outdoor-exclusive task. Commonly deployed for field work, the RTC-600 and RTC-700 rugged tablet series offer all-important sunlight readable screens, enabling contents to be read even under the brightest sun conditions. The enclosures are also rated IP65 to ensure that dust, sand and water, elements most commonly encountered during field work, do not intrude and damage the devices. These Industrial grade tablets include features such as E-Compass, GPS and 3G/4G connectivity, so that orientation can be quickly identified for both positioning and land surveying purposes. In addition, the device’s 5MP camera further supports photographic and video capabilities for high-resolution data capture. WiFi 3G/LTE 3G/LTE 3G/LTE Data Center Information Center Control Center Service Center RS-232 Requirements • Sunlight readable screens • Vibration/ water-resistant • Excellent wireless communications • Long battery life Field Service