Fleet Management Today, as computing intelligence migrates into the in-vehicle space, it is vital for hardware to adapt to the ever-changing in-vehicle conditions to promote better routing for the fleets utilizing these computer systems. MIL-STD-810G-compliant, the RTC-700 and RTC- 900 rugged tablet series are built sturdy to withstand shock and vibration during any road trip condition. They are also equipped with a wide array of wireless technologies, such as 3G/4G, WiFi, Bluetooth® and GPS, for instantaneous communications and positioning, allowing real-time management of fleets and re-routing of vehicles by the control center. Drivers can also upload and retrieve information pertaining to their tasks, on the fly. Fleet Management 5 Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice. Requirements • Sunlight readable screens • Vibration resistant • Excellent wireless communications • Voltage-tolerant for vehicle electrical supply GPRS PR GPRS GPRS GPRS Telecom Server Center Service Center Dispatch Management Fleet Management Worksheet Management Fleet Management