Law Enforcement Keeping a city free of crime is the duty of every law enforcement agency. To accomplish this, not only do these agencies need a strong team of officers and law enforcement personnel, but also an equally tough set of hardware solutions. The RTC-600, RTC-700 and RTC-900 rugged tablet series feature many rugged characteristics for common deployment and strength against adverse weather and rough handling, including sunlight readable displays, Gorilla Glass screens ranging from 5.7” to 10.1”, IP65 rated enclosures and swappable batteries capable of lasting up to 8 hours. In addition, with WiFi, 3G/4G, Bluetooth® and GPS capabilities, wireless communication with police headquarters can easily be established for instant data transfer, vehicle positioning, expediting critical investigations and daily law enforcement. Law Enforcement 6 Requirements • Sunlight readable screens • Vibration/ water resistant • Excellent wireless communications • Long battery life • Lightweight Local Police Station Back-end Information Control Center Get real-time data & display Communication with back-end Server Data from Peripherals Satellite Build-in PAN Build-in WLAN/ WWAN Law Enforcement