Heavy Machinery For applications associated with heavy machinery, such as excavators and farming equipment, more than ruggedness, mobile devices need functions and intricacies that provide a complete solution to problems commonly associated with such machinery. Equipped with IP54 and IP65-rated enclosures, the RTC-1000, RTC-900 and RTC-700 rugged tablet series are well-protected against sand, dust and water, elements prevalent in construction sites where most heavy equipment is deployed. Touchscreens in sizes ranging from 7” to 10.2” with AOT™ (Advanced Optibond Technology) and sunlight readable technology offer improved display under extreme lighting conditions. A variety of wireless options (3G/ 4G/ WiFi/ Bluetooth®/ GPS) are also available for instantaneous communications. For the RTC-1000i series, mechanical controls are also featured with programmable buttons and a stylus, allowing users with gloves or other protective garments on to operate the device without removing them. Heavy Machinery WiFi 3G/LTE 3G/LTE 3G/LTE Data Center Information Center Control Center Service Center 7 Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice. Requirements • Sunlight readable screens • Vibration/ water resistant • Excellent wireless communications • Long battery life • Lightweight • Mechanical control Heavy Machinery