Warehousing Keeping a warehouse organized is no easy task. But with the introduction of information and mobile technologies, integrating tablets with computer systems for real-time data capture is now nothing more than a few taps on a screen. Built to withstand dusty warehouse environments, the RTC-600 and RTC-700 rugged tablet series utilize IP65-rated enclosures that prevent both solid and liquid intrusion. In addition, they are MIL-STD-810G- compliant for resistance against shock and vibration, providing protection against accidental drops and other mishandlings. The tablets are further supported with a variety of accessories ideally suited for managing inventories, such as barcode scanners for instant information retrieval. The tablets also incorporate built-in high resolution cameras for visual identification, when required. Captured information can then be sent wirelessly via WiFi, 3G/4G, GPS and Bluetooth® to the control center for further processing. Warehousing WiFi 3G/LTE 3G/LTE 3G/LTE Data Center Information Center Control Center Service Center RS-232 8 www.aaeon.com Requirements • Vibration/ water resistant • Excellent wireless communications • Long battery life • Lightweight • Accessories for expanded functionalities Warehousing