E-POS Besides fast and flexible software, it is also crucial that the weight, level of ruggedness, long-term usability and battery life of a mobile device meet certain requirements in order to be qualified for POS usage applications. Weighing in at no more than 0.6kg, the RTC-700 rugged tablet series equips a sunlight readable 5.7” Gorilla Glass screen to prepare it for all lighting conditions and rough handling, while its IP65-rated enclosure protects it from intrusion of small foreign objects or agents, likely to occur in restaurants and eateries. The device is also designed with a swappable battery and an external docking station, increasing battery life and mobility. In addition, along with wireless connectivity, there are a variety of accessories, including a barcode scanner and a magnetic stripe reader for expanded applications. E-POS 9 Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice. Requirements • Accelerates service time • Sunlight readable screens • Customizable apps for menus, communications, etc • Vibration/ water resistant • Excellent wireless communications • Lightweight • Accessories for expanded functionalities WLAN Router Local POS Server/Terminal Mobile Terminals & Printer for Mobile POS RTC-700 WiFi Router Barcode Scanner Docking Station NFC/RFID Magnetic Stripe Reader ader E-POS