Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice. 5 Rich Expansion BOXER-6800 series can provide multi I/O expansion via PCI/PCIe slot. • Communication: CANbus, LAN x 3, Isolated Digital I/O, RS-485 x 2, VGA/HDMI x 2, 3G, WiFi, BlueTooth® • Storage: NVRAM, Removable HDD kit x 2 Expandable Fanless Embedded BOXER Series BOXER-6800 series is designed as an expandable application-ready platform with two PCI/PCIe alternative module expansions. This series supports Intel® Core™ i, Atom™, AMD and ARM processors with superior thermal solutions. In addition, the BOXER-6800 supports AAEON’s remote management software Hi-Safe and Hi-Manager for remote diagnostics. The BOXER-6800 series is an ideal choice for use in automation applications. Superior Thermal Solution AAEON’s fanless Box PC adopts a ”n” shaped enclosure and thermal pipe to dissipate internal heat to the outside enclosure. With superior thermal solution, the BOXER-6800 can utilize an Intel® Core™ i processor to provide a more stable system. Safety Mechanism Design • Anti-Vibration • Anti-Shock • Anti-Drop Power Protection • Over-voltage protection • Low-voltage protection • Reverse protection • Short circuit protection • Surge protection for spike voltage: 1000V DC