Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice. 7 Fanless Embedded BOXER Sereis The BOXER-6400 series is ultra-slim embedded box pc at just 20mm (0.79”) thickness. This slim design enables the BOXER-6400 series to be installed in space constrained locations. Despite its compact size, the BOXER-6400 series is equipped with uniform I/O ports for easy expansion. Its mounting design also makes it easy to install on a wall/ DIN-rail/ desktop or on the rear of a VESA compatible monitor or display. The BOXER-6400 series fulfills customers application requirements in all types of installation environments and is particularly suitable for compact spaces. Uniform I/O Equipment Ultra-Slim 20mm Design Uniform I/O Ports Fulfills customer’s application needs with uniform I/O, such as USB, RJ-45 type RS-485, CANbus, HDMI ports, digital input/output and m-SATA for storage. *The BOXER-6400 series also supports WiFi/3G/4G wireless. Ultra Slim Design Ultra slim with a full aluminum enclosure provides high protection and measures 6.22” x 3.74” x 0.79” (158mm x 95mm x 20mm). Its compact size allows it to be installed in nearly any operating environment. 20mm Digital I/O USB2.0 x 3 USB3.0 x 1 Power On/Off 95mm 158mm 12V DC Jack with Lock HDMI RS-232/422/485 x 2 10/100/1000 LAN x 2 Easy For Installation Everywhere Din Rail Kit VESA Mounting Kit