In-Vehicle Fanless Embedded BOXER Series BOXER-6301VS is designed as an embedded industrial grade vehicle Box PC which features a vehicle Power Supply Unit (PSU), wireless modules, on-board GPS and has e-Mark/E13 vehicle certification. The rugged cast aluminum case not only provides great protection from EMI, shock/vibration, but also transfers internal system heat outside to guarantee system stability. BOXER-6301VS can fulfill customer needs in vehicle applications. Certification: e-Mark/E13/CE/FCC e-Mark is based on EU Directive and is a safety certification mark which applies to motor vehicles, parts and systems. The BOXER- 6301VS is E-Mark certified. Vehicle System Integration Ignition Power On/Off Delay Time Vehicle Power Protection • Under Voltage Protection • Over Voltage Protection • Reverse Voltage Protection • Load Dump Protection • Short Protection 1,2/ 5,6 20 Seconds Short 3,4/ 5,6 25 Seconds Short 1,2/ 3,4/ 5,6 30 Seconds Short Digital Signage 11 Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice.