1 To achieve the aim of speeding up product development, proposed ideas are categorized into 4 product types: Standard Product, Revised/Customized Product, and ODM Product based on the specifications required. The diagram below will break down these product types and explain to you characteris- tics of each type. Well-rounded Services From hardware to software, the Service is set to present you the quickest and most viable ways to make your ideas become a reality. Different ap- proaches in prototyping, producing, and maintaining the proposed design will be drawn up for the best course of action that suits your needs. The process of coming up with a finalized solution can be divided into 4 main stages: Initial Planning, Product Design, Product Development/ Launch, and After-sales Support, with each stage comprimising of different tasks. Refer to the diagram below to learn more about the main process- es that make up each stage. - Thermal Simulation - Thermal Design Support (E.g. Heat Sinks, Heat Spreaders, Fans) - Simple Chassis Integration for Pretesting - Q Service Plus, Technical Forum Value-Added Services - Customization through daughterboards - Revised/ Customized Products - Dedicated P/N for ODM/OEM Products Hardware - Utility/SDK/OS Setup and Configuration - Custom Firmware Porting - Basic/Custom BIOS Porting Software Core Competency Initial Planning After-sales Support Product Development /Launch Product Design - System integration - Compliance/Reliability Validation - Sample Run/Product Launch - Small-volume, large variety production - Q-Service for troubleshooting - Product life cycle management - Pre-development Consultation - RFQ Evaluation and Scheduling - Project Kick-off - Schematic Drawing - ME Placement - Thermal Profiling - PCB Layout Drawing Clearly Defined Production Processes Right Steps for the Job Well-rounded Services/Clearly Defined Production Processes - Modified Standard Product with less than 10 modifications - Sample ready in 2 weeks - 70% less development time than a Standard Product Revised Product - Fully verified - Readily available - No MOQ Limitation Standard Product - Modified Standard Product with more than 10 modifications - Sample ready in 6 weeks - 50% less development time than a Standard Product - Best customer service Customized Product - Developed from scratch for total customization ODM Product ODM Standard Revised Customized