2 Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice. Getting Specific with ODM Projects Ideas requiring over-extensive modification of a Standard Product will be considered as a new ODM product. As it is built from the ground up, it may take longer for an initial sample to be ready than other categories. But this approach comes with the added perk of allowing users to incorporate any features they want, down to changing specifications pre-defined by an Standard or Revised Products (such as form factor), making it the most practical route for developing solutions for specific vertical markets. While there are many approaches to which a product can be customized, AAEON recommends the BIO daughterboards, a series of daughterboards equipped with AAEON’s Board-to-board Interface for AAEON’s Standard Products. Being simple in design and made-to-order, the board takes time and effort out of customization by bypassing the traditional process of re-specifying, building, and testing a product. Simply pick the features you want, build the board, connect it to the motherboard and your solution is ready. No fuss, no muss. Some key features include: ■ Unified screw holes on both the motherboard and daughterboard ■ Flexible to demands of vertical markets ■ Easy thermal and system assembly BIO Daughterboard BIO Interface BIO Motherboard BIO Standardized Pin Definition Customization Made Easy Getting Specific with ODM Projects/Customization Made Easy/BIO Standardized Pin Definition Smart Factory Robotic Controller Transportation Automation Fast Delivery for Expansions AAEON Single Board Ready in 2 weeks! Ready in 4 weeks! - Immediate availability - Simple expansion Standard Product - Easy custom specification - Co- & Self development - Secured domain knowledge Designed by Customer - Custom specification - Costs at least 70% less than a new project Designed by AAEON BIO Module