3 www.aaeon.com Get Up to Speed with Q Service Plus I. Core Services Speed and efficiency defines the core of AAEON’s Q service Plus. With it, we aim to: ■ Provide quick BIOS setup within 5 working days ■ Provide preliminary feedback on a problem within 1~2 working days ■ Provide complete compatibility, reliability, testing and debugging within 3~5 working days ■ Arrange on-site service and consultation, including troubleshooting and risk management ■ Provide carrier board schematics and compatibility check Q-Service Plus is AAEON’s unique set of free, multi-faceted services aimed at getting a product setup as quickly as possible as well as providing assistance in troubleshooting, debugging, and upkeeping systems after implementation. It covers both pre-production as well as after-sales phases with the following services: II. Thermal Analysis Service Thermal Simulation Board Level Design System Integration AAEON offers a full range of custom-designed thermal solutions to ensure the most optimal, flexible thermal management for your AAEON products. With AAEON’s custom thermal solution, you can be assured of the following services: ■ Sample drawing of proposed designs ■ Simulation of selected designs ■ Thermal solution designs of board level or system integration ■ Field testing before final implementation ■ Contribute to extended temperture products Get Up to Speed with Q Service Plus Bring Up BIOS Compa t a b i l i t y C h e c k C i r c u i t R e view C a r r i e r B oard