Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice. 4 Get Up to Speed with Q Service Plus Get Up to Speed with Q Service Plus Debugging is prudent in embedded devices. We are well-prepared with the debugging tool sets to facilitate the debug process, especially for COM Express modules. These tools are for internal use ONLY and are not for sale. Debug Tool: LPC Debug III. Sharp Tools Make Good Work The AAEON Technical forum is a knowledge base service to share in- depth information on some of today’s most commonly used technologies as well as technical know-how on embedded system designs. Articles will be uploaded regularly and we encourage users to browse through them and provide their feedback. Also, any queries relating to the posted topics will be promptly responded to by our R&D engineers, who are administrat- ing the site and will be glad to answer any questions. ■ Sharing new technology and the most common questions ■ Closing the distance with client ■ Problem-solving IV. Technical Forum - Enrich Your Technical Knowledge Introducing AAEON Tech Forum ■ To display system’s boot status Riser Card: ■ PCIe [x16] to PCIe [x8] x 2 + Power ■ PCIe [x4] to PCIe [x1] x 4 + Power ■ PCIe [x16] to PCIe [x8] + PCIe [x4] x 2 + Power