1 AAEON’s Q Service Plus/ More than Design and Support/ Technical Forum AAEON’s Q Service Plus Q Service Plus is AAEON’s unique set of multi-faceted services aimed at getting you up and running in the shortest possible time. We provide: ■ Quick BIOS setup within 5 working days ■ Preliminary troubleshooting feedback within 1~2 working days ■ Complete compatibility, reliability and debugging within 3~5 working days ■ On-site service and consultation, including resolution and risk management With Q Service Plus, AAEON assures that any of our products will be timely and adequately supported by our team of experienced engineers, providing services, such as designing, debugging and circuitry review. For circuitry review, initial feedback will be provided after the first 2 days with a complete assessment after 5 days. Debugging will be performed on the customer’s equipment and initial feedback will be available within 72 hours. Similarly, the setup of BIOS will be completed within 5 working days. Q service is our commitment to you. Please contact Qservice@aaeon.com.tw to learn more. Bring Up BIOS Compa t a b i l i t y C h e c k C i r c u i t R e view C a r r i e r B oard More than Design and Support Technical Forum Created for further support to our customers in design, diagostic, fine- tuning and most important - share experiences. AAEON engineers will regularly post technical related articles about the technologies and circuitry design. As a forum open to our customers, it also allows customers to post and discuss technical topics with engineers directly. Our R&D staff will be more than happy to reply and interact with you. Forum News Link. http://www.aaeon.com/tw/n/press-release-aaeon-technical- forum/ Forum Link: http://forum.aaeon.com/