Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice. 3 Leading Network Technology • 10/100/1000/10000/40000 Mbps Ethernet • Copper and fiber Ethernet at 10GbE, 40GbE • Support for up to 64 network ports • Advanced bypass solutions • Higher throughput Module NIC & High Port Density Featuring up to 64 ports, the FWS series are purpose-built, easy to manage, rapidly deployable, intelligent security appliances featuring IPMI, TPM, Unified Threat Management, Intrusion Detection & Prevention, and pay-as-you-go scalability ideal for integrating with web-scale technologies, hosting the modern virtualized datacenter, high performance computing, and hybrid- cloud environments while reducing risk and enhancing agility. I P M I / T P M Bypass Function Hot S w a p p a b l e F a n F i b e r / C o p p e r N I M Intel® Architecture Multi-core Processor R e d u n d a n t P S U S c a l a bility Perfor m a n c e M a n a g e ability Avail a b i l i t y Customization Leading Technology Core Longevity Domain Know-How Low Vol-High Mixed Mfg. Revision Control EOL Mgt Solid Quality Control Core Core Core AAEON + ASUS Global Core Competence Reliable Networking Solution AAEON will help you ensure business continuity and access to your critical applications, to mitigate risk and meet regulatory compliance requirements. We have built a world-class pre-sales team and strive to quickly deliver IT services and respond to fast changing market conditions. To help our customers in quick provisioning and deployment and eventually drive compelling ROI, we also publish other related materials such as installation guides and technical white papers. Cutting Edge Processor All AAEON network solutions have been re-engineered to support up to the latest 7th Generation Intel® Xeon® delivering unrivalled processing, massive throughput, ultra-low latency, and composability ideal for top-of-rack deployments. AAEON offers a complete product portfolio that encompasses SMB, SME, and Enterprise scale solutions, in addition to low-power models for deployment in power-sensitive environments. Core Competence