Introduction The evolution of Intelligent Devices and how they will impact our lives has become one of the primary topics of discussion in the world of technology. As the standards and technologies mature, we see more and more applications become candidates for an “intelligent” facelift, while existing applications build on their strengths for more sophisticated features that were once deemed “impossible” to accomplish. With the rapid development of information technology, the collection of and access to a large volume of video data emerges, and with it, comes the demand for a new generation of hardware solutions that provide immediate access to that information. These devices not only incorporate the latest technological trends (eg. HD video processing and analytics), but can also offer complimentary functionality, such as hot-swappable hard disks, all while functioning in harsh environments. Such devices offer a complete and comprehensive solution suitable for adoption in Banking, Commercial and Residential Security sectors, as well as in Traffic Safety, Parking Garages, and in-vehicle applications. Video Surveillance and Real-Time Monitoring Bank Traffic 1 Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice. Video Surveillance and Real-Time Monitoring