Traffic Road travel is one of the most common and yet most dangerous things we all do on a daily basis. To reduce the inherent risk in this activity, video surveillance systems can be deployed along roads, at major junctions, and at pedestrian crossings. Video surveillance enables enhanced response to emergency conditions, enhances crime prevention capabilities and improves investigative activities. AAEON has developed a comprehensive selection of cost effective solutions appropriate for various uses in a wide range of locations. AAEON’s NVR-Q67 Network Video Recorder is suitable for smaller locations like pedestrian crossings and road junctions given its video recording and network capabilities and relatively small size. It’s larger and more powerful counterparts, the NVR-6300S and FWS-8500, can be used in main control centers where higher performance and larger storage capacity, allow for more data feeds. HD video streams, from many sources (NVR-Q67) can be simultaneously captured and analyzed for traffic conditions, vehicle identification, weather- related incidents, and dangerous driving behaviors. Traffic Product List • FWS-8500 • NVR-Q67 • NVR-6300S IP Camera IP Camera IP Camera IP Camera NVR-6300S NVR-Q67 NVR-Q67 Remote Control Room FWS-8500 NVR-6300S FWS-8500 NVR-Q67 3 Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice. Traffic