Car Park Increased car ownership and technologically advanced vehicles make car park security ever-more important. From the multi-story parking complex to simple paved parking lots, AAEON offers car parks affordable network video recording solutions to keep an around the clock watch over their patron’s assets. For smaller lots, the NVR-Q67 is an affordable solution supporting up to 6 internal drives while the slightly larger NVR-Q67S offers up to 8 hot swappable drive capacity for both small and medium lots. Bigger parking facilities are supported by the NVR-6300S which offers up to 10 hot-swappable, RAID-enabled HDDs as well as data processing capabilities. Securing the network on which the NVR is attached is as important as the physical security of the car park. AAEON provides network security solutions such as the FWS-7810 Network Appliance as the firewall system in control centers equipped with the NVRs. Car Park Product List • NVR-6300S • NVR-Q67 • NVR-Q67S • FWS-7810 BOXER-6851 PFM-T096P + EPIC-BT07 RS-485/422/232 DIO RS-232 VGA LAN FWS-7810 NVR-Q67S NVR-6300S NVR-Q67 4 Car Park