Residential As Intelligent Technology enters every facet of our lives, home owners opting for an intelligent lifestyle are now faced with the mounting challenge of protecting their family as well as their assets, and doing so affordably. Depending on the size of the home (and thus the number of devices involved), home security is enhanced by a comprehensive deployment of video surveillance. AAEON’s NVR-CV, NVR-B75 Network Video Recorders, and FWS-2250 Network Appliance are designed to be compact enough for usage in the home and are compatible with a multitude of devices, such as IP cameras, sensors, and monitors. Sensors deployed throughout the home can be monitored around the clock and any abnormal changes in conditions (such as temperature, opening of windows or doors, glass breakages) can be picked up for immediate actions. Product List • NVR-B75 • NVR-CV • FWS-2250 Residential IP Camera IP Camera IP Camera IP Camera IP Camera Internet FWS-2250 NVR-CV NVR-B75 5 Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice. Residential