ATM Remote Control Banking Banking Video surveillance is one of the first lines of defense against criminal activities for financial institutions. Filling this important role are AAEON’s NVR-6300S, NVR-Q67S Network Video Recorders, and FWS-7810, FWS-8500 Network Appliances. As bank branches vary in both size and service offerings, the NVR-Q67S and FWS-7810 are a good combination for a cost-effective video recording and network security solution. Similarly, bank headquarters, which are usually larger in scale and offer extended services, can be adequately covered with the FWS-7810 and the more powerful NVR-6300S with its ample storage and ability to process data feeds from multiple sources, such as video feeds from cameras in and around the bank’s premises. AAEON’s combination of the NVR-6300S and FWS-8500 can be deployed in the ATM control center, where hardware must handle and secure a large data load from all of the bank’s ATM machines. Product List • NVR-6300S • NVR-Q67S • FWS-8500 • FWS-7810 NVR-6300S FWS-8500 FWS-7810 NVR-Q67S FWS-8500 FWS-7810 NVR-Q67S NVR-6300S 7 Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice. Banking