Power & Energy Automation Power and Energy Automation Overview Introduction The successful management of power & energy applications is becoming increasingly critical as new energy sources, distributed across a much wider area than fossil fuels, become increasingly important. The informatization, intellectualization and energy development of these new energy sources will change the traditional model, from a single communication model without response, to an alarm-to-intercommunication, and unified communication model. Advantech, as a leading manufacturer of industrial PCs for power and energy applications, provides intelligent components, from smart meters, IEC-61850-3 certified industrial computers, intelligent wireless gateway to SCADA software, focusing on renewable energy generation, substation automation system development and energy management. Through a host of innovative products and solutions, Advantech has shown itself to be one of the key enablers of Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0. Smart Substation Automation Applications for station level, bay level and process level ƒ ƒ SCADA Application In Smart Substations, it’s essential to be able to remotely monitor substation devices from a central management center. To achieve this, high performance computing platforms integrate HMI/DATA collection, data monitoring, environmental status, which help operators accurately evaluate their devices’ status and take action. ƒ ƒ Application Requirements – – Reliable IEC 61850-3 certification – – High-performance computing platform – – AMT/ TPM ƒ ƒ Cyber Security for Smart Grids There are different grades of network protection priorities in a substation, and use in these environments needs reliable cyber security. This requires a software firewall or comparable hardware firewall devices to prevent illegal and unauthorized user access. ƒ ƒ Application Requirements – – Reliable IEC 61850-3 certification – – High-performance Ethernet – – Virtual Machine/ TPM ƒ ƒ Communication & Data Gateway with IEC 61850 Within a substation, various devices use a wide variety of protocols, such as IEC-60870- 101/103/104, Modbus or other private rules. The status and information of these devices needs to be accurately monitored and collected through a gateway computer with a unified communication transition protocol. It’s very important that transfer devices use various protocols to unify the IEC-61850 protocol. ƒ ƒ Application Requirements – – Reliable IEC 61850-3 certification – – Multiple communication interfaces support – – Isolated serial ports, Ethernet ports, IRIG-B ƒ ƒ Auxiliary Safety Monitoring Along with modern computing and network communication technology, fast developing, electricity system automation becomes more important, especially for safety precaution related applications. The goal is to avoid the issues of traditional substation “isolated island”, such as non-precaution and non-linkage conditions. Advantech’s computers and devices provide safety related information acquisition and monitoring, such as environmental parameters, facility parameters, access guard status and other unusual conditions. ƒ ƒ Application Requirements – – On-board or expansion IO for data acquisition – – Communication protocol support for monitoring sensors ƒ ƒ Primary Device Monitoring In smart substations, traditional primary devices including transformers, GIS, CT/VT, Thunder and other isolated switches, normally operate without precaution, monitoring or unified communication protocols. Along with the development of modern smart substations, the IEC-61850 standard is latest trend in substation applications and primary device monitoring. To meet these requirements, Advantech provides IEC-61850 compliant computer platforms for data communication and transmission which keeps primary devices operating normally. ƒ ƒ Application Requirements – – Flexible I/O, communication interfaces and protocol support – – Highly reliable computing platform Chapter 3 Table of Contents Table of Contents