www.advantech.com/products Online Download Power & Energy Automation Overview Renewable Energy-Solar Monitoring solution With the increasing construction of solar power plants, customers are finding it difficult to handleissuesofthenumberofcommunicationprotocolrequests,unstablecommunication networks on distributed farms and no high-efficiency or intelligent monitoring software. This means traditional solar power monitoring solutions can not satisfy modern fast developing solar operation requirements. To solve customers’ issues, Advantech provides high-performance computing platforms, totaldataacquisitionmodules,communicationprotocolgateways,networkcommunication and cloud software solutions with multiple communication protocols and stable Ethernet or wireless network support, network switchboards and remote monitoring software.  Data Acquisition Using Multiple Communication Protocols There are many types of electrical equipment in solar power farms, such as inverters, combiner boxes, intelligent or non-intelligent power meters, which need the support of a diverse range of communication protocols. For device data acquisition Advantech provides communication platforms compatible with these protocols. ƒ ƒ Application Requirements – – X86/ RISC-based gateway platforms – – Multiple serial ports / network ports – – IEC-60870 / Modbus / DNP3 protocol support  Wireless Communication on Distributed Solar Power Distributed solar power farms are scattered over vast and remote areas, and establishing a stable communication network system under this applications is not easy. To reduce wiring costs and maintain a stable communication network , Advantech provides gateways capable of supporting 2G/3G/Wi-Fi/4G wireless for selection and keeping communication networks stable and with data integrity. ƒ ƒ Application Requirements – – 2G/3G/Wi-Fi/4G wireless – – Reliable platform with integrated intelligent software  Remote Monitoring and Maintenance The operating status of solar power plants (especially solar panels) directly affects power generation efficiency and capacity. Comprehensive centralized monitoring and scientific management is important. Due to the characteristics of wide areas and long distances, Advantech provides remote control solutions for helping administrators immediately understand the operational status of the plant through handheld devices or PCs. This helps with the timely control and maintenance of equipment while enhancing the efficiency and safety of solar power plants. Power Energy Management In order to reduce production costs and increase product profitability, manufacturing factories require the integrated monitoring management and optimization measures to manage their high energy-consuming facilities. Advantech not only provides the practical and easy-to-implement energy management solutions, but also has a full range of portfolios, including the front-end products (smart meter, data acquisition module and control host) and back-end management platform to offer the complete solutions for enterprises to achieve energy efficiency.  Multifunction Smart Meter WISE-M500 series products are multifunctional smart meters and are in line with European standard design with easy to install and configure to meet the energy monitoring requirements of industrial equipments at minimum investment costs as well as obtaining maximum economic benefits.  High Energy-consuming Equipment Monitoring Application Since harmonic can have a significant impact on electrical distribution systems and the critical facilities they feed, Advantech’s energy-consuming management solutions use the equipment failure diagnosis and prevention mechanism to provide analytical information through monitoring the harmonic currents generated by non-linear electronic loads, so as to improve production efficiency and reduce maintenance and energy costs.  Factory Facility Monitoring Application By providing real-time energy consumption data to accurately grasp the key moments, Advantech’s factory facility monitoring system aimed at controlling the high consumption facilities such as lighting, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) and UPS (uninterruptible power supply). Meanwhile, we offer the time-of-use pricing service to adjust the use and operation of the facility according to the actual power usage and electricity tariff, thus saving energy costs.  WebAccess Based Remote Energy Management Solution For the factory's energy consumption, Advantech WebAccess SCADA software is able to implement the remote management, energy consumption status overview, energy saving potentialassessmentandrecommendpracticalmeasures,energymonitoringandreporting analysis, etc. to effectively achieve energy savings and cost control. 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