Star Product Highlights Star Product Highlights 14 Advantech WebAccess Software Advantech WebAccess The WebAccess family provides different software solutions to cater to different application environments. For the control level, we provide WebAccess/HMI: a standalone HMI software with more than 450 drivers to communicate with various devices, such as PLCs, meters etc,. For the plant level, we provide WebAccess/SCADA: a web-based SCADA software with private cloud software architecture which intergrates with WebAccess/IVS, WebAccess/ NMS and WISE-PaaS/RMM and provides an open interface for vertical market applications. For the enterprise level, we provide Cloud-based WebAccess as a application platform to collect data in the cloud, through HTML5 Dashboard to display the data, and help users to extend enterprise applications with cloud services. The IIoT Application Platform Advantech WebAccess/HMI HMI Runtime Development Software • Low cost Windows based HMI runtime • More than 50 screen objects can fulfill almost all types of HMI operating and viewing needs for machine automation • Supports up to 16 communication links for different applications • Over 100 field proven communication drivers are provided for free • Supports data collection, alarm monitoring, recipe handling, and operation logging • Provides a complete set of useful macro commands. Macro programs can be embedded in objects, screens, and the global process Advantech Cloud-based WebAccess Cloud-based Application Platform • Easily connects with Intelligent Devices to Cloud Platforms via MQTT, a lightweight publish/subscribe messaging protocol • Integration with Node-RED as a visual tool for IoT to write to other devices, APIs and online services together • Predefined nodes for easy integration with external and internal data • Predefined nodes for data to be displayed on Cloud Dashboard and Microsoft PowerBI • Plug and play IoT devices ensure there’s no need to configure projects in the cloud • Allows multiple SCADA Nodes to be run on the same computer simultaneously. These SCADA nodes can belong to different project nodes • Provides an open interface to extend application combining with cloud service, such as Big Data Analysis, Business Intelligence, Machine Learing, Predictive Maintenance, etc Advantech WebAccess/SCADA Web-based HMI/SCADA Software • 100% web-based engineering, monitoring and control • Cross browser HTML5 Intelligent Dashboard • Supports ample drivers including Advantech I/O modules, controllers and major PLCs • Easy integration with MES & ERP, via open interfaces • Integration with WebAccess/IVS, WebAccess/NMS and WISE-PaaS/RMM • Google Maps and GPS location tracking integration • Redundant SCADA, ports and devices for high availability Web-based HMI/SCADA Software for CNC • Provides I/O sensor & CNC monitoring and control • Auto explore CNC controllers • Supports major CNC controllers • Provides CNC operating status monitoring • Provides CNC availability inquiry • Provides CNC historical alarm inquiry • Supports NC program upload/download • Provides CNC maintenance management Table of Contents