Panel PCs Steps to configure your system! Configurable Panel PC Introduction Panel PCs suffer from one major drawback: lack of flexibility in their configuration. When you buy a PPC you are limited to the options that the manufacturer chooses. Now, in an industry first, Advantech has solved this problem by allowing System Integrators to choose any Mini-ITX motherboard (MB) and have it installed by Advantech’s own engineers. More flexible choice of Standard Mini-ITX MB! The configurable Panel PC works with any commercially available Mini-ITX motherboard. The issue with traditional panel PCs is that the display panel and the touch sensors are proprietary, and connecting them to a third-party MB is a near impossible task. Advantech has solved this problem by developing a proprietary daughter board which translates the signals of the display panel and sends them to the MB. Off-the-shelf replacements save time and money! In addition to the flexibility in choice of motherboard, which allows users to choose boards which meet their exact requirements, rather than having to over spend on redundant features, the flexibility means that, in the event of a motherboard failure, an off the shelf replacement can be purchased and installed in a quicker fashion than having to send the machine away to the original manufacturer. Certified and Installed MB within 30 days! In addition to providing a list of pre-certified motherboards, which can be installed in just 7 days, Advantech can also take any other off-the-shelf motherboard and have it certified and installed within 30 days. This means the PPC is the most flexible panel PC on the market and demonstrates Advantech’s commitment to being the most forward thinking industrial auto- mation company. Choose Standard Mini-ITX MB • According to functionality Select Chassis • Correspondent chassis • Cooler System configure • CPU • Memory • Storage Assemble in CTOS! MINI ITX Chapter 11 Table of Contents Table of Contents