Star Product Highlights Star Product Highlights 28 RS-485 I/O Modules Daisy-chain Ethernet I/O Modules Module Selection Isolated Analog I/O Modbus TCP Module • ADAM-6217: 8-ch AI • ADAM-6224: 4-ch AO & 4-ch DI Isolated Digital I/O Modbus TCP Module • ADAM-6250: 8-ch DI & 7-ch DO • ADAM-6251: 16-ch DI • ADAM-6256: 16-ch DO Relay Output Modbus TCP Module (with DI) • ADAM-6260: 6-ch RL • ADAM-6266: 4-ch RL & 4-ch DI Module Selection Isolated Analog I/O Module • ADAM-4117: Robust 8-ch AI • ADAM-4024: 4-ch AO & 4-ch DI Isolated Thermocouple/RTD Input Module • ADAM-4118: Robust 8-ch T/C • ADAM-4015: 6-ch RTD module Isolated Digital I/O Module • ADAM-4051: 16-ch DI • ADAM-4055: 8-ch DI & 8-ch DO ADAM-6200 Series • Daisy chain connection with auto-bypass protection • Auto-calibration without providing any input • Web language support: HTML5, Java Script, XML • Support GCL and Peer-to-Peer • Group configuration capability to set up multiple modules at one time • DI/O LED Indication • Safe value settings for DO or Relay failure ADAM-4000/4100 Series ADAM-4000 • Supports Modbus RTU protocol • Over Voltage Protection:±35VDC • Isolation Voltage:3000 VDC ADAM-4100 • Wide operating temperature -40 ~ 85°C (-40 ~ 185 °F) • 1KV surge, 3KV EFT, 8KV ESD Protection • High common mode voltage: 200VDC • Burn-out Detection When “Internet of things” is no longer just a slogan, Advantech’s versatile products boost clients’ production performance by meeting different application needs. With a typical automation network using RS-485 to transmit serial signals the ADAM- 4000 & robust ADAM-4100 series, and the designed for harsh environments. Robust RS-485 based ADAM-4100 series, Ethernet based ADAM-6000 series and Daisy-chain Ethernet based ADAM- 6200 series, managing field devices becomes easier and the field site status can be identified, tracked and altered remotely. There are over 1 million ADAMs in the world, in various industries such as industrial automation, environmental and facility management, intelligent transportation system, and so on and their record of being highly efficient devices is well proven. Remote I/O Modules Providing Remote I/O Connectivity with RS-485 and Ethernet, with More Options Group Configuration Daisy-chain HTML5 Web Server HTML5 Isolation Voltage Isolation Voltage Real-time Ethernet I/O Modules Module Selection (PROFINET:PN , EtherNet/IP:EI) Isolated Analog I/O Module • ADAM-6117EI/PN : 8-ch AI Relay Output Module • ADAM-6160:EI/PN 6-ch RL Isolated Digital I/O Module • ADAM-6150EI/PN: 8-ch DI & 7-ch DO • ADAM-6151EI/PN: 16-ch DI • ADAM-6156EI/PN: 16-ch DO ADAM-6100 Series • Daisy chain connection functionality • Supports PROFINET or Ethernet/IP protocol • Coupler-free design • GSD, L5K and EDS file ready for network commissioning • 2,500 VDC isolation protection Daisy-chain Wide Temp. Smart Ethernet I/O Modules Module Selection Isolated Analog I/O Modbus TCP Module • ADAM-6017: 8-ch AI & 2-ch DO Isolated Digital I/O Modbus TCP Module • ADAM-6050: 12-ch DI & 6-ch DO Relay Output Modbus TCP Module • ADAM-6060: 6-ch DI & 6-ch Relay • ADAM-6066: 6-ch DI & 6-ch Power Relay ADAM-6000 Series • Modbus TCP/IP, UDP and HTTP protocol • Embedded web server • Data stream and event trigger • GCL and Peer-to-Peer • Support C#.NET, VB.NET HTML5 Web Server HTML5 Peer to Peer Table of Contents