Star Product Highlights 29 Star Product Highlights P&E Automation Computer P&E Automation Extension Cards P&E Automation Gateways Power & Energy Automation Ensure Reliable P&E Automation with IEC 61850-3 Compliant Products Advantech’ new product line for the power and energy market features a range devices developed to provide the best solutions in this modern marketplace. Advantech’s IEC 61850-3 compliant computers, extension cards and gateway products are specifically designed to meet the critical requirements of power and energy applications. The powerful ECU-4000 and UNO-4600 series automation computers are primarily designed for use in smart substations. The ECU-1152 and 4552, designed for renewable energy situations, have built in Taglink software which enables them to act as intelligent power automation gateways. ECU-4674 IEC-61850-3 Compliant Power Automation Computer with Intel Atom N2600 Processor and PCI-104 Expansion Slot • Intel® Atom™ N2600 1.6GHz Processor • 2 x 10/100/1000MB, 6 x 10/100MB LAN, 2 x RS-232, 16 x RS-232/485 COM • 8 x Isolated DI, 8 x Isolated DO, 1 x IRIG-B, 1 x PCI-104 Exapansion Slot • Supports iCManager function ECU-P1524PE Gigabit Base Ethernet Card with HSR/PRP Protocol for ECU-4784 • 2xSFP(1000Mbps Base-X)Ethernet Port • 2xSFP(HSR/PRP Protocol, Jumper for selection) • Operating Temperature: -25~ 70°C ECU-1152 Power Automation Gateway with Cortex A8 Processor,2xLAN, 6xCOM, and Wireless Communication on-board DI/DO and Wireless • TI Cortex A8 800MHz Processor • 2x10/100MB LAN, 6xRS-232/485 COM • 1x Mini-PCIe for 3G/GPRS/4G/Wifi Wireless • Modbus,DNP3,IEC-60870 Protocol • Support RT-Linux OS,TagLink Software ECU-P1761 4 x DI, 4 x Relay Output and 1 x IRIG-B Card for ECU-4784 • 4 x Isolated Digital Input(Wet contact) • 4 x Isolated Relay Output(Form C) • 1 x IRIG-B(BNC) • Operating Temperature: -25~ 70 °C ECU-4552 Power Automation Gateway with Cortex A8 Processor, 4xLAN, 10xCOM and on-board DI/DO • TI Cortex A8 800MHz Processor • 4x10/100MB LAN, 10xRS-232/485 COM, 24DI, 4DO • 1x Mini-PCIe(Reserved) • Modbus, DNP3, IEC-60870 Protocol • Support RT-Linux OS, TagLink Software UNOP-1514C/RE/PE 4 x Fiber Optic/RJ-45/SFP Ethernet Card for ECU-4784/UNO-4673A/4683 • 100MB Base-FX, Up to 2km, 4 x SC type Fiber (1514C) • 10/100/1000MB RJ-45 type (1514RE) • 1000Mbps SFP type (1514PE) • Operating Temperature: -20~ 70°C UNO-4673A/ 4683 IEC-61850-3 Certified Power Automation Computer with Intel® Atom™ D510/ Core i7 Processor and I/O Expansion Slots • Intel® Atom™ D510 1.66 GHz Processor (UNO-4673A)/ Intel® Core i7 2.0 GHz Processor (UNO-4683) • 2 x 10/100/1000MB, 4 x 10/100MB LAN, 2 x RS-232/422/485 COM • 3 x I/O Expansion Slots ECU-4784 TUV IEC-61850-3 Certified Power Automation Computer with Intel Haswell Core i7 Processor and I/O Expansion Slots • More processor for selection: Intel® Haswell Core i7 4650U/ Core i3 4010U/ Celeron 2980U/ Ivy Bridge i7 3612QE • 8 x 10/100/1000MB LAN, 2 x RS-232 and 8 x RS-232/422/485 COM • 2 x IO Expansion Slots • Supports iCDManager/ VT-D/ AMT/ TPM LVD Table of Contents