www.advantech.com/products Online Download Features ADAM-3600-C2G 8AI / 8DI / 4DO / 4-Slot Expansion Wireless Intelligent RTU ƒ ƒ High Performance CPU Cortex A8 600MHz ƒ ƒ Low Power DDR3L 256MB RAM ƒ ƒ Embedded Real-time Linux Kernel ƒ ƒ Domain Focused Onboard IO -8AI / 8DI / 4DO ƒ ƒ 4-Slot I/O Expansion ƒ ƒ High I/O Flexibility with 4-slot I/O Expansion ƒ ƒ Multiple wireless options for Zigbee/ Wi-Fi/ 3G/ 4G/ GPRS ƒ ƒ IEC61131-3&C Programming Language ƒ ƒ Modbus & DNP3 & IEC-60870-5-104 ƒ ƒ Operation Temperature -40 ~ 70°C ƒ ƒ Internal Webpage for Online Monitoring ƒ ƒ Periodic Logger for Data Buffering on SD card Introduction ADAM-3600-C2G is an intelligent Remote Terminal Unit with multiple wireless function capability, multiple I/O selection, wide temperature range and supports flexible communication protocol for oil, gas and water applications. In these application environments, ADAM-3600 is ideal for remote inhospitable regions with many devices that need to be managed remotely. Features Wide Array of Flexible I/Os Wide array of on-board I/O and flexible expansion I/O modules supporting different acquisition requirements giving it a high cost performance. Wireless Communication & Protocols The ADAM-3600 simultaneously supports two mini-PCIe cards (a half-size and a full-size) for Wi-Fi/ 3G/ GPRS/ Zigbee communication which is flexible for wiring in the field. Modbus RTU/TCP and DNP3 protocols integrate ADAM-3600 with more SCADA systems. Wide Temperature Range A -40 ~ 70°C operating temperature allows the ADAM-3600 to work in harsh environments and reduces maintenance costs for customers. Remote Firmware Update The ADAM-3600 can use a USB drive and an SD card to automatically update the firmware so there's no need to bring a computer and execute the configuration program in the field. Intelligent Connectivity Diagnosis Manager (iCD Manager) Remotely monitor serial and Ethernet port status and send alarm information during communication failures to help improve intelligent monitoring. Node ID for Batch Configuration Each ADAM-3600 has a node ID as its name to support batch configuration (max.64) with the configuration utility. When an alarm is displayed on the utility, customers can directly find the fault source with the node ID. NEW Power & Energy Automation 8 5 4 4 10 Panel PCs 9 iDoor Technology Modules 8 Industrial monitors 7 Industrial IoT Gateways 6 Control Cabinet PCs High-Performance Control Panels Industrial Operator Panels 3 2 IntelligentMotionControl andMachineVision 1 11 Control IPCs 12 Remote DA&C Systems 13 Wireless IoT Sensing Devices 14 Ethernet I/O Modules 15 RS-485 I/O Modules 16 Thin-Client Terminals Industrial Ethernet Solutions 17 IP Gateway and Serial Device Servers iNetworking 18 19 WebAccess+ Solution Chapter 13 Table of Contents Table of Contents