Wireless IoT Sensing Devices Changeable Antenna For flexibility, the wireless antenna of the WISE module is not fixed. Users can replace the antenna by unscrewing it counterclockwise. Advantech only ensures the performance of the default antenna and the performance is decided by the application's environment. LED Indicator for Diagnostics WISE modules have an LED indicator on the front of the module. Besides the status and communication indicator, users can instantly see the network mode via an LED indicator. The LED will be ON when workinginAPmode.Duringinfrastructuremode,theLEDwillbeOFF and the signal strength LED will be on to indicate the signal quality between the WISE module and wireless access point. External Switches and Detailed Product Label The I/O input setting switches are on the back of the WISE module. Users don't need to open the device to configure the I/O type. For example, users can configure the digital input contact to be dry or wet via the switches. The details of the switch will be shown on the product label for the reference. The MAC address of the module is also on the label. Initial Switch There is a DIP switch on the back of the device for switching the WISE module to the default factory communication settings. If the user forgets the IP address of the WISE module, or wireless communication password they can configure this switch to the OFF position for the default factory communication settings. New Mounting Kit WISE modules come with a new type of mounting kit. Users can use this kit for DIN-rail and wall mounting (panel mount). The new mounting kit provides easy mounting for DIN-rails, users just need to switch the hook for the mounting kit to lock or release the module on the DIN-rail. WISE modules also support stack mounting as used on Advantech's other I/O modules. Power Input (Not applicable to WISE-4012E) The WISE-4000 is designed for a standard industrialunregulated24VDC powersupply. For further applications, it can also accept 10 ~ 30 VDC of power input, maximun 200mV peak to peak power ripple. Quick Installation and Easy Maintenance Power Supply USB Power Input (WISE-4012E Only) For the IoT developer, reliable power is an important feature. So a micro-B USB power connector is provided for powering the WISE module via the computer’s USB port, mobile device's USB power adapter, or using a USB power bank. (Note: WISE modules are not battery chargeable, the USB port is only for powering up the module, not for USB communication.) DIN-rail mounting Push up to lock Pull down to release Wall (panel) mounting IoT Wireless I/O Modules Features Chapter 14 Table of Contents Table of Contents