Wireless IoT Sensing Devices The Advantech WISE wireless sensor node (WSN) series includes WISE-4200, WISE-4400 and WISE-4600 for fulfilling different domain specific applications. WISE WSN series provides intelligent sensing ability with flexible I/O combination, serial interface and built-in sensor. Besides the easy-to-use WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) interface which can be integrated within existing Ethernet networks, WISE-4200 series also introduces LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) wireless interface which offers kilometer level communication radius using battery power. LPWAN features mean WISE modules can be deployed as indoor monitoring systems or outdoor Energy and Environment monitoring systems. Moreover, to enable simple and cost-effective IoT vertical application development, WISE WSN will provide plenty of connectivity directly with different cloud platforms or cloud applications. Environment ƒ ƒ Agriculture ƒ ƒ Wastewater ƒ ƒ Air Emission Factory ƒ ƒ Shopfloor / Warehouse / Data Center Environmnet ƒ ƒ Machine Status ƒ ƒ Equipment Efficiency Energy ƒ ƒ Wind Power ƒ ƒ Solar Power ƒ ƒ Water Power Transportation ƒ ƒ Rolling Stocking ƒ ƒ Fleet Management ƒ ƒ Material Traceability IoT Sensing Solutions for Energy and Environment Applications IoT Wireless Sensor Node Overview Chapter 14 Table of Contents Table of Contents