Wireless IoT Sensing Devices IoT Tags and Sensor Gateways Overview IoT Sensing Solutions for Smart City Applications The Advantech® WISE-2200W is an active RFID location tracking tag that operates with existing Wi-Fi network infrastructure to keep costs low and make deployments simple and fast. In conjunction with Advantech® Real Time Location System (RTLS) controller, the tag enables location of virtually any asset or object. WISE-2200W operates on standard Wi-Fi networks; it does not require any extra infrastructure beyond your facility's existing WLAN. Using standard 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks, WISE-2200W tracks assets in real- time. For applications requiring ultra-high location accuracy, such as in hospitals, WISE-2200W in combination with WISE-2400 wireless industrial beacons deliver high accuracy. Each WISE-2200W tag features a built-in battery, with charging via a USB adapter. Hospital ƒ ƒ Faculty Management ƒ ƒ Patient Tracking ƒ ƒ Asset Management Factory ƒ ƒ Environmental Monitoring ƒ ƒ Visitor Tracking ƒ ƒ Equipment Management Retail ƒ ƒ Real-time Mobile Promotion Message Delivering ƒ ƒ Collect Customer behavior ƒ ƒ Shopping Maps Navigation Chapter 14 Table of Contents Table of Contents