www.advantech.com/products Online Download Features ART-321E UHF RFID Two-Port Module ƒ ƒ Smallest mini-size UHF RFID module ƒ ƒ Compliant with EPC global Class 1 Gen. 2 (ISO18000-6C) ƒ ƒ Free SDK, standard version; Supports Windows® ƒ ƒ Supports power saving mode and Low Power Consumption ƒ ƒ RF output power: Adjustable 30dBm/1W (Max) ƒ ƒ RF ASIC: Impinj R1000 chipset based design ƒ ƒ RFID Silicon: Impinj-R1000 ƒ ƒ Two antenna ports supporting two mono-static antennas ƒ ƒ UART Interface ƒ ƒ Supports remote upgrade firmware Introduction RFID Tracer Module ART-321E, UHF RFID module, is designed with an Impinj R1000 chipset which contains two antenna ports. The maximum RF output power is 30dBm. ART-321E is designed for easy integration into any existing or new platforms. The low power consumption and super small form factor provides a perfect alternative for mobile or handheld devices. The ART-321E easy and powerful demo package allows for fast creation of custom applications via an API. It operates over the North American UHF frequency band (902 ~ 928 MHz) and follows ISO 18000-6C international standards, and free demo software offers quick evaluation without software development. Specifications Wireless Network ƒ ƒ Frequency Range 902 ~ 928MHz ƒ ƒ Channel Spacing 500KHz ƒ ƒ Frequency Hopping 50CH ƒ ƒ Frequency Stability 10ppm ƒ ƒ RF Output Power Max. output power is 30dBm Available to adjust from +10 ~ +30dBm in 1dB step ƒ ƒ Supply Voltage 3.3VDC +/-5% ƒ ƒ Reception Sensitivity -75dBm General ƒ ƒ Host Control Signal/ UART Data Rate ƒ ƒ RFID Protocols EPC Class 1 Gen 2 / ISO 18000-6C Linking Frequency: 250KHz Data Rate: 62.5 kpbs Data Encoding: Miller-4 Modulation : PR-ASK ƒ ƒ Architecture Impinj R1000 Mechanics ƒ ƒ Dimensions 70.5 mm (L) X 41.5 mm (W) X 8.2 mm (H) ƒ ƒ Digital Connector 1.27mm 12*2 P Header ƒ ƒ Antenna Connector Two RP SMA (F) to support mono-static antenna Environment ƒ ƒ Operating Temperature -10°C to 55°C ƒ ƒ Temperature Threshold 85°C (Typical) ƒ ƒ Storage Temperature -40°C to 85°C Signal Description Signal/Group Name Pin Number Type Function Description VCC 2, 4, 15, 16 Power Power Supply Input GND 1, 3, 18, 20 Ground Ground nRST 22 Input Module Reset UART Tx 6 Output UART Serial Transmit Data UART Rx 8 Input UART Serial Receive Data GPIO X 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 I/O General Purpose Input/ Output JTAG 17, 19, 21, 23, 24 I/O Valid for Manufacturing RESERVER 5, 7 Open Reserved for Further Use Pin Definitions Ordering Information ƒ ƒ ART-321E-00A1E UHF RFID Two-Port Module Power & Energy Automation 8 5 4 4 10 Panel PCs 9 iDoor Technology Modules 8 Industrial monitors 7 Industrial IoT Gateways 6 Control Cabinet PCs High-Performance Control Panels Industrial Operator Panels 3 2 IntelligentMotionControl andMachineVision 1 11 Control IPCs 12 Remote DA&C Systems 13 Wireless IoT Sensing Devices 14 15 RS-485 I/O Modules 16 Thin-Client Terminals Industrial Ethernet Solutions 17 IP Gateway and Serial Device Servers iNetworking 18 19 WebAccess+ Solution Ethernet I/O Modules Chapter 14 Table of Contents Table of Contents