Ethernet I/O Modules: ADAM-6000 ADAM-6000 Series Features ƒ ƒ Ethernet-based smart I/O ƒ ƒ Mixed I/O in single module ƒ ƒ Pre-built HTTP server and web pages in each module ƒ ƒ Web language support: XML, HTML 5, Java Script ƒ ƒ Remote monitoring and control with smart phone/pad ƒ ƒ Active I/O message by data stream or event trigger function ƒ ƒ Industrial Modbus/TCP protocol ƒ ƒ Easily update firmware through Ethernet ƒ ƒ ADAM.NET Class Library for .NET application ƒ ƒ Intelligent control ability by Peer-to-Peer and GCL function ƒ ƒ Group configuration capability for multiple module setup ƒ ƒ Flexible user-defined Modbus address ƒ ƒ System configuration backup ƒ ƒ User Access Control The Path to Seamless Integration The integration of automation and enterprise systems requires a change in the architecture of open control systems. From Advantech's point of view, the level of integration between automation and enterprise systems can only be accomplished through Internet technology. It is believed that IP/Ethernet protocols will progress beyond the control layer, into the field layers. Placing remote I/O with IP/Ethernet connections on the shop floor is economical. Advantech believes that over the next five years, Internet protocols over Ethernet will dominate major field connections. The Advantech ADAM-6000 series offers ideal remote I/O solutions with Internet protocols for industrial automation environments. ADAM-6000 firmware features a built-in Modbus/TCP server. Advantech provides the ADAM .NET Utility, ADAM .NET class library and OPC Server for the ADAM-6000 series to support these functions as well. Users can configure DA&C systems via ADAM.NET Utility and integrate it with an HMI software package via Modbus/TCP driver or Modbus/ TCP OPC Server. Furthermore, users can easily use the ADAM .NET class library to develop their own applications. Web-enabled Technology Becomes Popular on Factory Floors As Internet technologies and standards have rapidly developed over the past decade, Web- basedcontrolmethodologiesnowobviouslyrepresentapowerfulopportunityforextending efficient network-based management techniques to encompass non-IT real-world assets. The ADAM-6000 series is equipped with a built-in web server so that its data can be viewed, anytime-anywhere via the Internet. Moreover, the ADAM-6000 series allows users to configure user-defined web pages to meet the diverse needs in various applications. With this powerful function, the ADAM-6000 series breaks the boundary of traditional multi-layer automation architecture and allows users to access field data directly in real time, which enables seamless integration between the plant floor and the front office. HMI has provided a friendly operator interface for discrete control and sharply reduced the cost and complexity of automation systems. A web server has been added to most HMI software and a browser allows access to HMI displays from remote locations via the network. The end user is able to see and use an identical HMI from any Internet connected computer anytime, anywhere. ADAM-6000 series can be be fully integrated with standard HMI software which supports Modbus/TCP. System Architecture Chapter 15 Table of Contents Table of Contents