t&RVJQNFOUMJGFDZDMFQSFWFOUJWFNBJOUFOBODF t"COPSNBMPQFSBUJPOXBSNJOH t3FNPUFBOESFBMUJNFWJEFPTVSWFJMMBODF Machine Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance t0OTJUFQSPEVDUJPOFMFDUSPOJDCJMMCPBSET t"COPSNBMXBSOJOHTZTUFN t*OUFMMJHFOUQSPEVDUJPOQMBOOJOH t'JFMEPQFSBUJPOTJOUFSBDUJWFQMBUGPSN MES Integration and Production Traceability Solution Forum Smart Manufacturing WT-CT/WA-CU/ CDS-APAX/ADAM Series CODESYS Control Solutions TPC/ IPPC/ FPM/ PPC/ WOP Series Thin-client Terminals & Control Panels WA-ST/WA-SU Series WebAccess SCADA Solutions WebAccess/HMI HMI Runtime Software WebAccess/SCADA Web-based HMI/ SCADA Software ADAM-3600/ECU-1100 & UNO-2000 Series Industrial IoT Gateways To realize Industry 4.0, Advantech has initiated three strategic phases. In the first phase of the implementation of equipment connectivity: devices, machines, production lines and factories are connected to the system, and therefore, data transparency and information visualization can be fulfilled. In the second phase, data collection and integration, as well as valued-added products and services are introduced for smart manufacturing services. The final phase of intelligent innovative services is the enabling of intelligent machinery and big data analysis. To reach these goals, Advantech enables network-connected iFactories and iMachinery to boost the transformation of smart manufacturing. Furthermore, six solutions of smart factory have been developed with integrated automation and cloud innovation for industry 4.0! WA-HT/WA-HU Series WebAccess HMI Solutions Software Application Ready Packages Intelligent HMI IIoT Gateways Product Solutions Table of Contents