Solution Forum Solution Forum Easy to Maintenance • Smart wiring over distance • Easy to set-up Well Integration • Effective integration on a wide range of platform to ease system workload • Complete solution targets sector-lead applications Easy to Use • User-friendly programming interface to decrease programming load • Application-oriented software functions for rapid development Co-processor • Highly efficient coprocessor extends the capabilities, flexibility and adaptability • Accurate and reliable communications and computations to optimize performance PCI-1245/1265/ 1285 series 4/6/8-axis Stepping and Servo Motor Control Universal PCI Cards PCI-1203 EtherCAT Universal PCI Master Card PCIE-1172/1174/ 1672E/1674E PCI Express Intelligent GigE Vision Frame Grabbers Quartz 0.3 - 10.0 Mega Pixel PoE Industrial Cameras Machine Automation Intelligent Motion Control and Machine Vision In the realm of intelligent machines, Advantech focuses on Ethernet based solutions as well as integrated motion control and machine vision for machine automation applications. Advantech develops products for ARM/DSP/FPGA processors for specific industries, and also provides Solution Ready Package (SRP) to help system integrator partners quickly develop different applications for end customers. Through various platforms integrated with motion and machine vision solution modules, Advantech fulfills demands in new machine automation projects and positions itself as a leading PC-based MA solution provider. EtherCAT Solutions Frame Grabber Series Industrial Cameras Motion Cards Product Solutions Table of Contents