Solution Forum Solution Forum Power and Energy Building Reliable Power Automation Solutions with Trusted System Components Power supply and demand is becoming more and more critical. Substation automation, renewable energy, power generation & transmissions, energy management systems and maintenance-free power backup systems with IEC 61850-3 compliance are the big trends in today’s applications. Power Automation improves energy efficiency and intelligence while also implementing important environment protection and green powered features. Advantech is proud to develop reliable power automation computers, gateways, energy management software and intelligent power meter components to serve this market. Solar Power Management • Intelligent ARM-based gateway platform • Integration of acquisition, wireless communication and protocol convertion Energy Management System • Seamless integration with WebAccess • Cost-effective power meter for energy monitoring and control Wind Power Management • Reliable industrial gateway • Powerful SCADA software support Smart Substation • IEC-61850-3 computing platforms with robust design • Reliable redundant Ethernet communication(HSR/PRP) • Intelligent functions with iCDManager, VT-D, AMT and TPM ECU-4574 Intel Atom N2600 computer with 8LAN, 10COM ECU-4674 Intel Atom N2600 computer with 8LAN, 18COM, 8DI, 8DO, 1 PCI-104 slot ECU-4552 TI Cortex A8 gateway platform with 4LAN, 10COM, 24DI, 4DO WISE-M501 Panel Mount power meter with carbon detection ECU-4784 Intel Haswell Core i7 computer with 8LAN, 10COM, 2 expansion slots Power Automation Computers Power Automation Gateways WISE-M502 DIN-Rail power meter with 5 loops max Multifucntion Smart Power Meters ECU-1152 TI Cortex A8 gateway platform with 2LAN, 6COM, 1 Mini-PCIe Product Solutions Table of Contents