www.advantech.com/products Online Download Features WebAccess/HMI HMI Software ƒ ƒ Allows users to manage multiple HMI applications in one project ƒ ƒ Allows users to dynamically switch language, with Unicode and multilingual screen text supported ƒ ƒ Offers password protection for designs, macros, and upload/download operations ƒ ƒ Supports the running of various open platform applications with various OS, such as RTOS/WinCE and Windows ƒ ƒ Automation controller can be linked and controlled from the platform directly ƒ ƒ Provides index registers for modifying device addresses at runtime ƒ ƒ Collects data from multiple devices using various methods ƒ ƒ Supports diverse data acquisition and trend presentation techniques ƒ ƒ Operation log facilitates event review and investigation ƒ ƒ Flexible runtime download through serial/Ethernet and memory cards ƒ ƒ Allows application updates from USB memory sticks ƒ ƒ Supports numerous drivers and over 350 industrial communication protocols, such as SIMATIC S7-1200, BACNet MSTP, and BACNet IP Introduction WebAccess/HMI Designer is a powerful and intuitive software program for creating comprehensive human machine interface solutions. WebAccess/HMI Designer is an easily integrated development tool with proven value in many application fields. The features include solution-oriented screen objects, high-end vector graphics, Windows fonts for multi-language applications, receipts, alarm functions, as well as data and operation logging capabilities. WebAccess/HMI Designer also supports online/offline simulation and utility programs such as Data Transfer Helper (DTH), recipe editor, and text editor. WebAccess/HMI Runtime, a component of WebAccess/HMI, guarantees the reliability and performance of Open Platform because of the minimum system overhead, high data communication rates, sub-second screen switching, and 24/7 operation. Additionally, Advantech’s fast response software team is continually adding new functions, communication drivers, and solutions to the software to meet dynamic needs. System Requirements Minimum OS Requirements ƒ ƒ Windows XP SP2 (for all flavors of XP such as Home, Media Center, Tablet PC) ƒ ƒ Windows Server 2003 ƒ ƒ Windows Vista ƒ ƒ Windows 7 Project Development Steps Feature Details Global Settings and Resources Sharable to All Project Applications ƒ ƒ Multiple languages (up to 10 languages) ƒ ƒ Font templates (up to 20 fonts for each language, TrueType fonts supported) ƒ ƒ Picture database (+PNG and SVG), sound database (WAV), and text database ƒ ƒ Global tags ƒ ƒ Global macros Numerous Solution-Oriented Screen Objects ƒ ƒ For common HMI needs Buttons, lamps, message displays, numeric displays, numeric entries, character displays, character entries, time displays, date displays, bar graphs, meters, etc. ƒ ƒ For animations Picture displays, GIF displays, animated graphics, dynamic rectangles, dynamic circles, pipelines, circular bar graphs, etc. Customizable basic graphic object colors (text, lines, rectangles, circles, etc.), as well as button and lamp shapes. ƒ ƒ For advanced functions Line charts, scatter charts, recipe selector, recipe table, alarm history display, active alarm display, alarm count display, historic trend graphs, historic data table, historic event table, historic line charts, operation log display, sub-link table, etc. Communication Links HMIproductscanhaveuptofour built-incommunicationports.WebAccess/HMIDesigner software allows users to create up to four links and 255 sub-links for a single application. The inclusion of more than 400 communication drivers enables 1-to-N (one panel to a wide variety of industrial devices) or N-to-1(multiple panels to one device) connections. WebAccess/HMI Runtime supports up to 16 built-in communication ports and allows users to create up to 16 links for 255 sub-links with serial ports, as well as 128 sub-links with Ethernet ports for a single application. Create Project Add Application Add Screen Add Object Compile Simulate Download Define global settings for all applications in the project - Languages, Font Templates, Global Tags, Global Macros, Picture Database, Text Database Configure individual application settings - Communication Links, Tags, Command Blocks, Passwords, Alarm Blocks, Recipe Blocks, Data Loggers, Operation Logging Define the screen properties - Screen Type, Screen Size, Printed Area, Base Screen, Background, OPEN macro, CLOSE macro, CYCLE macro Adjust and/or correct the settings that did not pass complier verification Place, resize, and configure the screen object Power & Energy Automation 8 5 4 4 10 Panel PCs 9 iDoor Technology Modules 8 Industrial monitors 7 Industrial IoT Gateways 6 Control Cabinet PCs High-Performance Control Panels Industrial Operator Panels 3 2 IntelligentMotionControl andMachineVision 1 WebAccess+ Solution 11 Control IPCs 12 Remote DA&C Systems 13 Wireless IoT Sensing Devices 14 Ethernet I/O Modules 15 RS-485 I/O Modules 16 Thin-Client Terminals Industrial Ethernet Solutions 17 IP Gateway and Serial Device Servers iNetworking 18 19 Chapter 1 Table of Contents Table of Contents