WebAccess+ Software and Solutions WebAccess/HMI One Design for All Models WebAccess/HMI Designer software features an automatic resizing function for resizing all objects to fit the screen size if the HMI model is changed. Thus, HMI model changes can be rapidly implemented. Easy to Accumulate/Reuse Design Achievements ƒ ƒ Import/Export Function WebAccess/HMI Designer provides a simple method for importing and exporting data between applications and projects. This data can include language settings, font templates, pictures, sounds, text, tags, macros, applications, screens, alarm messages, control blocks, and status word settings. ƒ ƒ Object Library The object library enables convenient configuring, managing, and sharing of user- defined objects. The object library contains default objects, common objects, object groups, and global objects. Enhanced Intellectual Property Protection WebAccess/HMI Designer offers enhanced IP protection with up to 9 password levels for securing operations and restricting object access. Users can set passwords to protect projects, tables, and global macros, and also prohibit the uploading and copying of panel applications stored in the HMI unit. Recipes WebAccess/HMI Designer provides comprehensive solutions for recipes. ƒ ƒ Supports up to 16 recipe blocks ƒ ƒ Provides a recipe selector for selecting recipes and a recipe table for displaying and modifying recipe data at runtime ƒ ƒ Provides Recipe Editor, an independent executable program, for viewing and editing recipe data saved in binary files ƒ ƒ Supports bit notification when recipe operations are performed successfully to prevent data loss Supports Data Saving to CSV/TXT Files Supports the saving and loading of collected data to/from CSV or TXT files. These two standard file formats ensure easy manipulation of data on a PC. Alarms WebAccess/HMI Designer supports up to 16 discrete alarm blocks and up to 16 analog alarm blocks. The software also offers alarm history display, active alarm display, alarm count display, and alarm marquee for displaying the application alarms. Macros Offer an Easy-to-Learn Language with Simple Syntax Application developers can program their own solutions using macro commands for the following: ƒ ƒ Operations not supported by a standard object or feature of WebAccess/HMI Designer sequential, interactive, conditional and file operations ƒ ƒ Non-linear data conversions ƒ ƒ Data exchanges between two controllers ƒ ƒ Simple communication drivers ƒ ƒ Difficult-to-implement tasks in controllers ƒ ƒ Reducing controller load to boost performance Simplified Architecture ƒ ƒ Real-time WYSIWYG screen editor, eight toolbars, and a screen manager ƒ ƒ Screen overview showing the relationship between the application screens ƒ ƒ Link overview showing the relationship between application links of the current application ƒ ƒ Object list showing the screen objects and associated I/O address of the current screen ƒ ƒ I/O list showing all I/O addresses of the project and their owners ƒ ƒ Compiler for building, verifying, and optimizing designs ƒ ƒ Online/offline simulation for design verification ƒ ƒ Data Transfer Helper (DTH), an independent executable program, for obtaining and updating application data via a serial or Ethernet port ƒ ƒ Text Editor for editing all screen texts in multiple languages Ordering Information ƒ ƒ 968WH021P0 WebAccess/HMI V2.1 150 tags S/W license ƒ ƒ 968WH021P1 WebAccess/HMI V2.1 300 tags S/W license ƒ ƒ 968WH021P2 WebAccess/HMI V2.1 1500 tags S/W license ƒ ƒ 968WH021P3 WebAccess/HMI V2.1 5000 tags S/W license ƒ ƒ WA-H21-U99HE WebAccess/HMI V2.1 S/W USB dongle 9990 tags Chapter 1 Table of Contents Table of Contents