Intelligent Motion Control and Machine Vision A Broad Array of Products for Motion Control Advantech’s full product offering accommodate all your motion control needs. Point to point motion (PTP) Model Type Feature PCI-1245L Pulse PTP PCI-1245LIO Pulse PTP + I/O Expansion Contouring (Continuous Trajectory) Model Type Feature PCI-1245E/85E Pulse Path PCI-1245V/85V Pulse Path + Compare Trigger AMAX-1220/1240 AMONet Path + Compare Trigger Synchronization Model Type Feature PCI-1245/65/85 Pulse Synchronous Control PCI-1203 EtherCAT / Pulse Synchronous Control Use Motion Control on All Solutions with SoftMotion Technology Most machine builders and system integrators face library integration headaches from different vendors and different boards. Moreover, re-programming applications are necessary when the motion control boards are changed or upgraded. Whatever centralized or distributed motion solution, Advantech provides the universal software development environment, which is called Common Motion, for users to develop their motion project by Advantech Softmotion function. The concept of Advantech Common Motion is developed to reduce time-consuming task and give faster time-to-market by the Common Motion library. All Advantech motion controllers are applied to "Common Motion API"architecture. Programmer can benefit from integrating any Advantech SoftMotion controller without changing the application code in large scale to save the effort of application maintenance and upgrade. Advantech provides a common motion API that is the same for all motion control cards and our SDK also includes DOTNET components, G-codes and complete sample codes for major development environment. Intelligent Motion Control Products SoftMotion-Based Motion Control Advantech develops DSP-based SoftMotion control cards which enable the simplified utilization of complex motion manipulation involving JOG, PTP, linear and circular interpolation,multipleaxessynchronizedmotion,andetc.For highlyflexibleprogramming features, it has the possibility to offer motion kernel customization. For high performance FPGA, high execution rate DSP, and Dual-Port RAM (DPM) technology, SoftMotion control cards can support faster encoding speeds, higher speed position comparison, and trigger pulse outputs over cards which use ASIC motion IC. SoftMotion controllers can provide programmable acceleration and deceleration to eliminate jerk and smooth velocity profile. For each axis, individual unlimited point tables can realize seamless continuous movements. These tables are also able to combine linear and arc segments. Based on the Common motion API—DSP & FPGA architectures, Advantech provides customers much easier programming environment and robust motion control. Application-Ready Embedded Motion Controller - MVP-3245 MVP-3245 is the new-designed embedded motion controller aimed to machinery industry application with compact form factor. Key to success ƒ ƒ Full motion function support ƒ ƒ I/O function support ƒ ƒ Sector application feature ƒ ƒ Space-saving ƒ ƒ Easy Maintenance Chapter 2 Table of Contents Table of Contents