Corporate Information As the development of sensing, data acquisition, and wireless communication technology evolves, more and more Industrial IoT practices become reality. In the near future, there will be billions of connected devices and wireless sensors in our living environment, collecting data, monitoring facilities and executing remote control in indoor and outdoor environments in vertical markets such as, Urban Environments and Infrastructure, Energy, Agriculture, Water, and Factory Environments; all of which can be referred to “Energy and Environment” applications. Advantech, as an enabler of an intelligent planet, is devoted to offering our excellent computing and data acquisition development capabilities to the Energy and Environment market with all kinds of IoT solutions. Besides highly compatible I/O devices in different form factors and mountings, and power charging products, Advantech’s intelligent sensing devices support major wireless communication protocols such as, Wi-Fi, LoRa, Bluetooth, and Cellular to enable seamless data transmission from end devices to the cloud within wide area environments. Also, Advantech offers comprehensive industrial communication devices and Edge Intelligence Servers (EIS) to help our customers build reliable solutions and cloud management systems. With the collaboration of our WebAccess+ Alliance partners on developing Solution Ready Packages (SRPs) for specific domains, we are accelerating progress in “Energy and Environment” applications and opening up new opportunities and business in the IIoT. Energy & Environment Advantech is working in cooperation with its partners to provide reliable platform solutions that pave the way for intelligent transportation in cities around the globe. With a decade of successful experience, Advantech has dedicated resources to designing and developing new products for the transportation industry. These products support railway automatic fare collection, wayside sensors, rolling stock, traffic management and more. Our mission is to enable intelligent transportation systems, which also helps us fulfill our vision of creating and delivering smart city technologies. Whether it’s AFC, CTC, ETC or any number of other transportation system applications, Advantech is dedicated in its efforts to provide the most stable, intelligent transportation systems for cities around the world. We are specialized in the technical know- how to build all kinds of transportation systems. Today we have an impressive portfolio of successful case studies that we are proud to share with you. Advantech is and will always be by your side, continuously delivering total solution packages to our partners and customers around the world. Intelligent Transportation Solutions ETC Station Self-Service Station Management Railway Signaling Rolling Stock Platform as a Service(PaaS) Computing and Communication Platforms Sensors and Edge Devices IntelligentTransportation Systems Industrial Communication AFC Controller ISCS Front-End Processor Panel Controller 3U CPCI Rolling Stock Controller RF Module Data Acquisition Module Capture Card Camera Monitor Table of Contents