Intelligent Motion Control and Machine Vision Look Ahead By configuring customized parameter profiles (e.g. feed speed and acceleration) users can use the forward looking preprocessing module to enforce movement control and continuous small segmented linear-wise trajectories processing procedures. Event Interrupt Instantly notify users with event interruption alerts when specified event occur. So, users can activate contingency procedures based on event condition. Gantry Control Ensure that the error deviation of absolute mutual parallel axes positions during active sessions remain within the predefined range via special algorithms to achieve gantry controls. Up to 3 Groups of Vectors Moving With SoftMotion algorithms designed to enhance DSP and FPGA interaction, users can use the system to perform interpolated movement: to simplify the design of machines for mechanism designers. Position Latch Record down the theoretical and actual motor positions when corresponding sensors are triggered. Feed F3 F2 F1 N10 N20 N30 40 50 6070 80 90 Block sequence With Look-Ahead Function Without Look-Ahead Function No delay Error Event Trigger Stop PTP C-Move Alarm ....... Create Thread 10000 pulse Latch Time Vx Vy X2 X1 Y Axis Ready Acm_Reset Configuration (Option) Acm_AxGearInAx/ Acm_AxGantryIn Slave Axis: Acm_AxStopDec Acm_AxStopEmg Slave Axis States: Synchronous driving Stop Gantry/E-Gear Master Axis Single-Axis Motion Multi-Axes Motion N N Y SoftMotion Introduction Chapter 2 Table of Contents Table of Contents