Intelligent Motion Control and Machine Vision Features PCI-1245L PCI-1245LIO ƒ ƒ Encoder input is 10 MHz for 4xAB mode, 2.5 MHz for CW/CCW mode ƒ ƒ Pulse output up to 1 Mpps and the output type can be switched to differential or single-end by jumper setting ƒ ƒ Supports 2 axis Linear interpolation ƒ ƒ Supports 3 axis Linear interpolation (PCI-1245LIO only) ƒ ƒ Supports 2 axis Arc interpolation (PCI-1245LIO only) ƒ ƒ Supports T/S-curve ƒ ƒ Supports speed override ƒ ƒ Hardware emergency input ƒ ƒ Watchdog timer ƒ ƒ Supports programmable acceleration/deceleration rate ƒ ƒ Programmable interrupt ƒ ƒ RDY dedicated input channels & SVON/ERC dedicated output channels are switchable for general input and output purposes ƒ ƒ Supports extra 16 isolated DI / 16 isolated DO via wiring board (PCI-1245LIO only) Introduction The PCI-1245L/45LIO are 4-axis universal PCI cards (supporting both 3.3 V and 5 V signal slots) stepping/pulse-type servo motor control card designed for entry-level applications which need to control JOG, point to point, continuous move and interpolation motion such as 2-axis linear, 3-axis linear (PCI-1245LIO) and 2-axis arc move (PCI-1245LIO). The PCI-1245LIO also provide extra 16 DI and 16 DO via terminal board, MTB-3956LIO. In addition, all Advantech motion controllers use the “Common Motion API” architecture which is a unified user programming interface and graphical utility. This architecture saves application maintenance and upgrades. Programmers can benefit from integrating any Advantech SoftMotion controller without changing large amounts of the application code. User-friendly examples decrease programming load, helping users complete configuration and diagnosis easily. Specifications Pulse Type Motion Control ƒ ƒ Motor Driver Support Pulse-type servo/stepping ƒ ƒ Number of Axes 4 ƒ ƒ Interpolation 2-axis linear interpolation ƒ ƒ Max. Output Speed 1 Mbps ƒ ƒ Step Count Range ±2, 147, 483, 646 ƒ ƒ Pulse Output Type Pulse/direction (1-pulse, 1-direction type) , CW/CCW (2-pulse type) or single-ended +5V output ƒ ƒ Position Counters Range of command and actual position ƒ ƒ Velocity Profiles T-Curve, S-Curve ƒ ƒ Local I/O Machine Interfaces: LMT+, LMT-, ORG Servo Driver Interfaces: ALM, INP General Digital I/O: 16-ch DI, 16-ch DO (RDY pin can be switchable to general-purpose input and SVON/ERC pin to general- purpose output) Encoder Interface ƒ ƒ Input Type Quadrature (A/B phase) or up/down ƒ ƒ Counts per Enc. Cycle x1, x2, x4 (A/B phase only) ƒ ƒ Input Range 3~10 V ƒ ƒ Isolation Protection 2,500 VDC ƒ ƒ Max. Input Frequency 10 MHz under 4xAB mode General ƒ ƒ Bus Type Universal PCI V2.2 ƒ ƒ Connectors 1 x 100-pin SCSI female connector ƒ ƒ Dimensions (L x H) 175 x 100 mm (6.9" x 3.9") ƒ ƒ Power Consumption Typical: 5 V @ 0.6 A Max.: 5 V @ 1 A ƒ ƒ Humidity 5 ~ 95% RH, non-condensing (IEC 60068-2-3) ƒ ƒ Operating Temperature 0 ~ 60°C (32 ~ 140°F) ƒ ƒ Storage Temperature -20 ~ 85°C (-4 ~ 185°F) Ordering Information ƒ ƒ PCI-1245L-AE 4-axis Stepping/Pulse-type Servo Motor Control Universal PCI Card ƒ ƒ PCI-1245LIO-AE 4-axis Stepping and Servo Motor Control Universal PCI Card with I/O-extension Accessories ƒ ƒ MTB-3956LIO-AE 100-pin DIN-rail SCSI 4-axis Motion Wiring Board w/ I/O-extension (Only for PCI-1245LIO) ƒ ƒ ADAM-3956-AE 100-pin DIN-rail SCSI 4-axis Motion Wiring Board ƒ ƒ ADAM-3955-AE 50-pin DIN-rail SCSI 2-axis Motion Wiring Board ƒ ƒ ADAM-3952-AE 50-pin DIN-rail SCSI and Box Header Board ƒ ƒ ADAM-39100-AE 100-pin DIN-rail SCSI Wiring Board ƒ ƒ PCL-101100M-1E/2E/3E 100-pin SCSI Cable, 1m/2m/3m ƒ ƒ PCL-10251-1E/2E/3E 100-pin SCSI to Two 50-pin SCSI Cable, 1m/2m/3m ƒ ƒ PCL-10153PA5-2E 50-pin Cable to Panasonic A4/A5 Servo, 2 m ƒ ƒ PCL-10153PA5LS-2E 50-pin Cable to Panasonic MINAS A Servo, 2 m ƒ ƒ PCL-10153YS5-2E 50-pin Cable to Yaskawa Sigma V/7 Servo, 2 m ƒ ƒ PCL-10153MJ3-2E 50-pin Cable to Mitsubishi J3/J4 Servo, 2 m ƒ ƒ PCL-10153DA2-2E 50-pin Cable to Delta A2 Servo, 2 m 4-Axis Stepping and Servo Motor Control Universal PCI Card 4-Axis Stepping and Servo Motor Control Universal PCI Card with I/O Extension NEW RoHS COMPLIANT 2002/95/EC PCI-1245L PCI-1245LIO Chapter 2 Table of Contents Table of Contents