Embedded Controllers/ Systems Modular Thin Platforms for Embedded Applications - ... - .. � . •l'""';"'t� •.So - - -- .. __.. -· ,· l,) - The DT Research Embedded Controllers/ Systems offer low cost yet elegant solutions in robust packaging designed for flexibility in location and orientation. The compact design of these computers is complemented by USB, networking, audio and display ports, and optional wireless. A selection of operating software offers optimal user experience for Internet/Intranet access and server-based computing. • Intel® or AMD processor • High performance with low power consumption • Compact and robust design • Support for Microsoft® Windows® CE, XP Embedded, Embedded Standard 7, 7 Pro or 10 loT Enterprise operating system • VGA, DVI, HDMI or DP++ video outputs • Integrates major thin-client/server computing protocols (Citrix ICA, Microsoft RDP) and web browsers • Internal 802.11 wireless adapter and Wi-Fi dipole antenna option DT135D/ DT135BT/ DT1360/ DT1363/ 166CR/ DT166LX Applications • Control/ Monitoring • Inventory/ Warehousing • Manufacturing • Entertainment/ Gaming • Education • Retail • Hospitality • Healthcare