Headquarters USA: Sales and Marketing Headquarters Taiwan: Design and Engineering Headquarters 2 03 Get Connected to Success and Opportunity From Design To Delivery Extended Service, Quality, and Technology Global Service Coverage Customer-Oriented Service Moxa has established a global service network to be closer to our customers to better understand their needs and respond faster to their requirements. Leveraging Moxa’s industrial experiences and technological intelligence, our service team provides professional solutions and consulting services, backed by our extensive global resources and solution capabilities. Extended Teamwork Through our annual MTSC (Moxa Technical Support Certification) training, Moxa provides the most up-to-date solutions and technologies to our global partners to ensure the best service to customers. Integrating the strengths of our worldwide industry and technology partners, we deliver sincere service and an extended range of innovative solutions to customers. Total Quality Management Our commitment to quality is at the heart of Moxa’s promise of Reliable Networks, Sincere Service. Moxa employs a corporate-wide Total Quality Management System (TQMS) to achieve customer satisfaction and unbeatable results in the following categories: Robust Technology At Moxa, quality starts with concepts that benefit our partners and customers. Moxa attracts a broad spectrum of talent and encourages new ideas to nurture innovation at every level. Following the well-defined New Product Development Process (NPDP), all of Moxa’s products must undergo strict tests, verifications, and validations to achieve tangible quality-related benchmarks for various industrial applications. Project Life-Cycle Management Moxa is IRIS-certified and implements a rigorous management process to ensure quality and optimal results for long-term projects. Specific RAMS and LCC management guidelines guarantee reliability, longevity, low life-cycle costs, and easy maintenance throughout a project's lifetime. Continuous Improvement Moxa motivates each employee to work smarter and find ways for continuous improvement. Our Quality Improvement Team (QIT) and Eight Disciplines Problem-Solving (8D) methodology for solving problems and preventing crises promote continuous progress in the quality of our products, service, and technology, to ensure customer satisfaction. Worldwide, Moxa’s expert sales team is ready to provide the best quality, support, and services to assist you in all aspects of your projects—from concept to completion—to empower your network operations and applications.