2-35 www.mo xa .c o m Industrial Ethernet 2 Industry-Specific Ethernet Switches > PM-7200/7500 Series PM-7500-2MST PM-7200-4MST-PTP Gigabit Ethernet Interface Modules, PM-7200/7500-2G/4G Series PM-7200-4GTXSFP PM-7500-4GTXSFP PM-7500-2GTXSFP PM-7200-2GTXSFP PM-7200-4GTX-PHR-PTP PM-7200-4GSFP-PHR-PTP Gigabit and Fast Ethernet modules for PT and IKS series rackmount Ethernet switches PM-7200/7500 Series Fast Ethernet Interface Modules, PM-7200/7500 Series PM-7200-2MST4TX PM-7200-2MSC4TX PM-7200-2SSC4TX PM-7200-2MSC PM-7200-2SSC PM-7200-2MST PM-7200-8TX PM-7200-6MSC PM-7200-6SSC PM-7200-4MSC2TX PM-7200-4SSC2TX PM-7200-4MST2TX PM-7200-6MST PM-7200-1MSC PM-7200-1MST PM-7200-4M12 PM-7500-4MST PM-7200-4MSC-PTP PM-7200-8MTRJ PM-7500-4MSC PM-7500-4SSC PM-7500-2MSC PM-7500-2SSC PM-7200-4TX-PTP *Note: See the SFP-1FE datasheet to select SFP-1FE series Fast Ethernet modules for your application. Specifications PM-7200-1BNC2MST-PTP PM-7200-8SFP* Interface RJ45 Ports: 10/100/1000BaseT(X) auto negotiation speed, and auto MDI/MDI-X connection Fiber Ports: 1000BaseSFP slots Note: The PM-7200/7500-2G/4G series Gigabit Ethernet combo modules support 2 or 4 SFP slots. See the SFP-1G datasheet to select the SFP-1G series Gigabit Ethernet modules for your application.