3-26 www. m oxa. com Ethernet Media Converters and Extenders Ethernet Media Converters and Extenders > 3 IEX-408E-2VDSL2 Series IEX-408E-2VDSL2 Series Introduction The IEX-408E-2VDSL2 is an industrial managed Ethernet extender switch for establishing long distance Ethernet transmissions over twisted-pair copper wiring. IEX-408E-2VDSL2 units can easily be linked in series to form a long distance multi-drop configuration, with one IEX-408E-2VDSL2 unit located at each drop-point. Adjacent drop points can be separated theoretically by up to 3 km, with a transmission speed of 1 Mbps achieved using a VDSL2 connection (with a connection distance of 300 m, a transmission speed of 100 Mbps can be theoretically achieved). Each IEX-408E-2VDSL2 unit provides six 10/100BaseT(X) and two DSL ports, giving users an incredible amount of flexibility for linking together a wide variety of devices separated by vast distances. Ethernet redundancy is provided by Turbo Ring, Turbo Chain, RSTP/ STP, and MSTP, and a state-of-the-art controllable bypass solution on the DSL ports increases the system reliability and availability of your network. The IEX-408E-2VDSL2 series also supports advanced management and security features. It is the perfect solution for • Command Line Interface (CLI) for quickly configuring major managed functions • Automatic CO/CPE negotiation reduces configuration time • Standard VDSL2 data rate up to 100 Mbps, with up to 3 km transmission distance (performance varies with line conditions) • Turbo Ring and Turbo Chain, RSTP/STP, and MSTP supported on both Ethernet and DSL ports for network redundancy • Controllable bypass mode supported in between DSL ports for higher availability in long distance daisy chain topologies • Port Trunking on Ethernet and DSL ports for optimum bandwidth utilization • IGMP snooping and GMRP for filtering multicast traffic • Port-based VLAN, IEEE 802.1Q VLAN, and GVRP to ease network planning • QoS (IEEE 802.1p/1Q) and TOS/DiffServ to increase efficiency • Supports EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, and Modbus/TCP protocols for device management and monitoring Industrial managed 6 FE + 2 VDSL2 Ethernet extender reducing the cost of establishing new network cable installations using existing twisted-pair copper wiring to extend copper cable networks beyond the conventional distance limitations imposed by the Ethernet protocol. With its compact DIN-rail design, the IEX-408E-2VDSL2 series is perfect for use in harsh operating environments with limited installation space, such as ITS, rail wayside, oil and gas, mining, factory automation, and process automation applications. The DIN-rail mount, wide operating temperature range (-40 to 75°C), and dual power inputs make it ideal for installation in industrial applications. To simplify configuration, the IEX-408E-2VDSL2 uses CO/CPE automatic negotiation (the factory default setting). The device will automatically assign CPE status to one of each pair of IEX devices. In addition, advanced management and monitoring functionalities through NMS, including a virtual panel, improve the user experience by enabling quick troubleshooting. • DHCP Option 82 for IP address assignment with different policies • RADIUS, TACACS+, SNMPv3, IEEE 802.1X, HTTPS, and SSH to enhance network security • Lock port function for blocking unauthorized access based on MAC address • Supports SNMP v1/v2c/v3 for different levels of network management • RMON for efficient network monitoring and proactive capability • Port mirroring for online debugging • Automatic warning by exception through e-mail and relay output • ABC-02-USB (Automatic Backup Configurator) for system configuration backup/restore and firmware upgrade • Easy network management through web browser, Telnet/Serial console, Windows utility, MXview, and ABC-02-USB Features and Benefits › ›VDSL2 high-speed long distance copper connections; up to 300 m at 100 Mbps and up to 3 km at 1 Mbps over twisted-pair copper wires › ›Automatic CO/CPE negotiation reduces configuration time › ›Turbo Ring / Turbo Chain on both Fast Ethernet and VDSL2 ports for fast recovery › ›Controllable bypass mode on VDSL2 ports gives higher availability in a daisy chain topology › ›Flexible deployment with 2-pin or RJ11/45 connector on VDSL2 ports › ›Easy network management by web browser, Telnet/serial console, Windows utility, ABC-02, and MXview