5-10 www. m oxa. com Introduction to Industrial Network Management 5 Industrial Network Security and Management Industrial Network Security and Management > Introduction to Industrial Network Management Every industrial network has a life cycle consisting of four basic stages: installation, operation, maintenance, and diagnostics. Even with careful network planning and design, network management throughout all four stages of the industrial network life cycle can still present many challenges for integrators and operators. To optimize network efficiency and minimize the total cost of ownership, industrial automation networks need user-centric software tools for efficient network deployment, monitoring, management, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Automation-Friendly Software Throughout the Network Life Cycle Integration with SCADA and Third-Party NMS Moxa’s industrial network management solutions support a built-in SNMP OPC server, which can convert SNMP information into OPC tags that can be seamlessly integrated into OPC-compatible HMI/SCADA systems. Moreover, Moxa’s network management solutions can collaborate with third-party network management software, making it easier to monitor and maintain the high availability of larger-scale automation systems. Challenge: Initial configuration of network devices is generally done one at a time manually, which can require many hours of labor. Solution: Moxa’s MXconfig, a network configuration tool, can mass- configure every device on the network, including IP settings, redundancy protocols, VLAN, and related managed functions, to significantly reduce the time required for configuration. With MXconfig, you can make configuration 10 times faster. Solution: Moxa’s MXview allows network operators to select a group of devices and export their configuration files simultaneously for backup, saving a significant amount of time. Solution: Moxa’s MXview offers a highly intuitive event playback feature that can record network events and replay past network incidents in the order they occurred. In addition, N-Snap industrial network snapshot tool can help collect device information. By comparing abnormal network data with healthy network data, N-Snap can help you troubleshoot the network more efficiently. Solution: Moxa’s MXview industrial network management software is a graphical platform that allows engineers to easily monitor and manage up to 2000 nodes in real time. MXview also supports a mobile monitoring app, called MXview ToGo, which allows you to remotely check network status and keep informed of any changes to the network— anytime, anywhere. Challenge: Without effective network management software, industrial operators are unable to monitor, identify, and react to network issues immediately, which can result in production losses and safety concerns. Challenge: Changes to device settings can cause unexpected network issues. When this happens, backup files will need to be restored to a previous state. For a large-scale network, this task is extremely time- consuming and can lead to extended system downtimes. Challenge: Without knowing where to look and what to actually look for, maintenance engineers can spend hours troubleshooting the network and still fail to find a solution.