5-14 www. m oxa. com MXview 5 Industrial Network Security and Management Industrial Network Security and Management > Moxa’s MXview network management software is designed for configuring, monitoring, and diagnosing networking devices in industrial networks. MXview provides an integrated management platform that can discover networking devices and SNMP/IP devices Visualization • Discovers up to 2,000 Moxa devices and SNMP/ICMP devices within scan range • Visualization of redundant link status and device roles of network redundancy protocols • Visualization of graphic VLAN groups and IGMP snooping roles installed on subnets. All selected network components can be managed via a web browser from both local and remote sites— anytime and anywhere. Industrial network management software designed for converged automation networks MXview Introduction Award-winning Product • Visualization of network traffic loading with color-coded links • Device front panel visualization, including ports and LED indicators • Visualization of managed PoE device power consumption • Displays third-party device icons VLAN Visualization Virtual Device Panel PoE Visualization Traffic Load Visualization › ›Event Playback records network events and replays past network incidents › ›Discovers and visualizes network devices and physical connections automatically › ›Central management of configurations and firmware for Moxa devices › ›Flexible events and notifications with self-defined threshold and duration › ›Supports third-party devices with MIB compiler and MIB browser › ›Comprehensive reports, including inventory, traffic, and availability reports › ›Generates OPC 2.0 compliant tags automatically to integrate with SCADA/ HMI applications › ›Provides a virtual demonstration network that lets you experience the software without connecting any devices › ›Supports MXview ToGo mobile app for remote monitoring and notification— anytime, anywhere