1-9 www.mo xa .c o m Industrial Ethernet 1 Embrace Edge-to-Core Industrial Ethernet Infrastructure Industrial Ethernet Switches > Core Layer Distribution Layer Moxa delivers a tailored edge-to-core industrial Ethernet infrastructure for industrial automation applications, providing a reliable, scalable, and flexible network foundation for today and tomorrow. Moxa’s one-stop shop of Ethernet solutions includes: Embrace Edge-to-Core Industrial Ethernet Infrastructure High Bandwidth 10GbE Industrial Core Switches • Full Gigabit Layer 2/Layer 3 • Up to 4 10GbE ports • Up to 24 or 48 1GbE connection • Rugged, fanless design • Absolutely non-stop operations • Designed for large-scale applications Industrial Modular DIN-Rail and Rackmount Switches • Full Gigabit Layer 2/Layer 3 • Up to 24 1GbE connections • Up to 24 PoE+ ports • High port density (> 19 ports) • Flexibility with modular design • Gigabit Turbo Ring & Turbo Chain • Ideal for control room and outdoor cabinet operations Edge Layer Compact, Standalone/Modular DIN-Rail Switches • Widest selection of switches: from 5 to 19 ports, Fast Ethernet to Full Gigabit Ethernet, managed to unmanaged, PoE to PoE+ • Best price-to-performance ratio • Advanced Layer 2 networking capability • Supports EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, and Modbus/TCP for industrial protocols interoperability • Turbo Ring and Turbo Chain for highly resilient networks Layer 3 switches use the IP address to make switching decisions, as routers do, but are hardware-optimized to transmit data just as fast as Layer 2 switches. The 802.1Q VLAN of a Layer 2 switch allows network operators to configure and maintain their network more effectively, but cross VLAN communication still relies on traditional Layer 3 routers. Both routers and Layer 3 switches use a routing protocol and routing table to determine the best path. However, compared to routers, which are usually software-based, Layer 3 switches are faster and less expensive. This is due to their built-in switching hardware with optimized chips and full-wire speed IP frame forwarding performance suitable for interconnecting VLANs. Moxa now offers high-performance Layer 3 switches that use state-of-the-art routing technology to partition a large-scale LAN into multiple subnets for improved network performance. Optimum Network Efficiency through LAN Segmentation LAN A LAN B LAN D LAN C ICS-G7848A Future-Proof Performance Moxa’s rackmount switches include high-density fixed and modular 10GbE and full-Gigabit platforms with copper, fiber, or SFP/SFP+ port combinations to fulfill highly dynamic backbone requirements. • Up to 4 10GbE and 48 GbE uplinks • Flexible density with 4-port slot and single-port 10GbE/GbE modularity • Tiny 10GbE/GbE SFP transceiver modules allow transmission up to 120 km High-performance Layer 3 Switching Capability